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What is Symphony of Sacred Sound?

The Symphony of Sacred Sound is a group sound bath.  During your sound bath, your body and mind will be gently bathed in high-vibrational frequencies using crystal singing bowls, Tibetan metal singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, chimes, gentle drumming and other musical instruments.  The intention is to restore the body, mind and spirit to a sense of balance and harmony.  Most people find the experience puts them in a more relaxed state of being.  Benefits include quieting the mind, decreasing stress and anxiety, improving sleep and releasing physical and emotional pain.  It may also alter consciousness because the sound waves connect both hemisheres of the brain, causing a more relaxed and receptive state where healing can occur, therefore creating a deeper sense of peace and well-being.


In a 45-minute group session, participants will bring their own yoga mat, sleeping bag, pillows and blankets for their comfort as you will be laying on the floor.  If one can not lay on the floor, you may sit in a chair.  All you need to do is be still and allow the frequencies to bathe your body and mind.


You can also have a personal, individual session combined with weighted tuning forks placed on the body to release body tension while also hearing the sacred sounds of the singing bowls.


Group Sessions...................$3o per person

Individual Sessions...........$100 






Please call with with your questions.  I will be happy to explain anything for your clarification.




Sound Healing

with Tuning Forks and 

Crystal Bowls


Lorri Mathewson,


Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner,

Sound Healing With Tuning Forks and Crystal Bowls,

Symphony of Sacred Sound Facilitator


Syracuse and

Morrisville, NY

   (716) 465-2784



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